Jun 13 2012

The ILSI-BioMed Israel Conference Continues to Grow

ILSI-BioMedThe 11th annual ILSI-BioMed 2012 Conference, also known as National Life Science and Technology Week, was held in Tel Aviv, Israel on 21-23 May 2012. Throughout the many years of attendance, we’ve seen exciting growth in diverse fields of technology at this conference. The ILSI-BioMed conference attracts as many as 6,000 industry players, engineers, and scientists who represent numerous companies from all over the world, creating a very dynamic environment where technology and new ideas can thrive.

This global, biomed melting pot conference is the perfect setting for the enhancement and development of life science and products, especially for start-up companies seebiomeking the assistance of technology incubators. Israel, known for its leading position in the biotech industry IPOs this past year, provides a unique environment for such start-up companies. It currently hosts 25 technology incubators that are found throughout the country. These entities are an active contributing part to the development of current products in the biomedical industry.

Israeli technology incubators play a vital role in the life science sector. They offer early-stage, start-up companies an opportunity for success through nurturing and promoting the commercial development of their business. They often provide office and lab facilities, commercial guidance, and legal expertise as well as many other services such as helping entrepreneurs secure venture capital required for high-risks projects.

Many life science companies have benefited from the Israeli incubators. One of those most recent success stories includes Protalix Biotherapeutics (NYSEAMEX: PLX).  PROTALIX graduated from the Meytav Technological Incubator, located in Israel, and, along with services from Cato Research, it has successfully reached the market. We believe that products such as PROTALIX not only reach market success with the use of technology incubators, but also with the knowledge of global, strategic networking and industry know-how that can be gained by attending conferences such as the ILSI-BioMed Life Science and Technology Week.

This year’s conference offered strategic networking opportunities, as well as panel discussions, presentations, and an extensive exhibit hall. It continues to grow based on the success of the conference’s environment and what it offers.  Heschi Rotmensch, M.D., Senior Vice President of Drug Development and Managing Director of Cato Research Israel, states:

“Multinational drug companies acknowledge the quality of research and the can-do attitude of Israeli investigators.  Israeli sites have consistently lived up to their enrollment targets and frequently exceeded them.”

By its attendance at the conference, it is evident that the Israeli government supports the growth of the conference by cultivating the latest developments in our industry.  Shalom Simhon, the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor of Israel, is driven to nurture the long-term needs of biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.  He is focused on bridging products to reach the market.  Israel has strong, ongoing growth in the therapeutic areas of stem cells, cancer, inflammatory diseases, and cardiovascular and CNS disease.

Cato Research has been attending the ILSI-BioMed Israel 2012 Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, since it began and we have been impressed with the explosive growth in promising technologies coming from this region of the world.  It is wonderful to be a part of bringing some of these technologies to the market so that patients can obtain benefit from the many years of effort.

We look forward to tracking and assisting in the successful outcome of Israel’s biotech, diagnostic, and device pipeline discovered at the ILSI-BioMed conference in the coming months.  Be sure to connect with us in 2013 at the 12th annual ILSI-BioMed Life Science and Technology Week, scheduled for 10-12 June 2013.

This is a post by Lynda Sutton, B.S.  Lynda is a co-founder of Cato Research, and currently serves as the President and Chief Regulatory Officer.