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May 17 2010

DDMAC Sends Warning Letter Over Unbranded Websites

If you judge, investigate. – Seneca I know you just read the title, but let me say it again with some emphasis:  DDMAC Sends Warning Letter Over Unbranded Websites.  That’s right, a warning letter over websites that contained no “direct” references to a product…although, as we’ll see, the indirect references were too direct for the …

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Mar 18 2010

Challenges associated with oncology development within an immunotherapeutic platform

Although cancer immunotherapeutics (intended to treat already existing cancers by strengthening the body’s natural defenses) represent a very active area of development world wide, few cancer immunotherapeutics have been approved to date. Unfortunately, the overall clinical benefit in patients treated with an immunotherapeutic (intended for oncology indication, or otherwise) compared with those treated with placebo …

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