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Nov 02 2011

Project Management for Biotech Companies

In today’s fast paced, high pressure world of drug development there are multiple factors that can and do affect marketing success.  Large organizations understand the value that project management can contribute to a successful project.  The smaller companies tend to lag behind and often do not recognize that project management is not too complex or …

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Jul 20 2011

Choose Canada for Your Next Clinical Trial

When it comes to the state of the life science industry in Canada, the critics are numerous.  The past two to three years have been difficult and those that lie ahead are still quite uncertain.  With the growing competition at various levels from emerging countries, it is crucial to not only assess our weaknesses but …

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May 03 2011

India: The next up and coming location to run clinical trials?

  Until recent years, clinical trials have been conducted primarily in the US and in Europe, due to higher health standards and overall standard of care for patients.  However, more and more pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs) are being pressured to reduce timelines and costs.  Up until about a decade ago, India was …

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Oct 28 2010

Introduction to Good Clinical Practice Webinar Slides

Earlier today, Cato Research hosted a webinar titled, “Introduction to Good Clinical Practice.”  Arlene Lund, a Clinical Study Manager in our Montreal, Canada office gave a great Good Clinical Practice (GP) overview and left attendees with a basic understanding of what constitutes GCP and why it is important in drug development. For those who would …

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Jul 08 2010

OIG Report Shows Increasing Use of Foreign Clinical Trials in Marketing Applications (and Challenges for the FDA)

There are no foreign lands.  It is the traveler only who is foreign. – Robert Louis Stevenson Global.  That’s one of the buzz words/ideas that has gripped modern drug development.  In particular, there is a notion that foreign countries represent some unblemished Eden where clinical trials can be run cheaper and faster than in the …

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