Feb 17 2011

New Book – Principles of Anticancer Drug Development

Principles of Anticancer Drug DevelopmentRecently, Humana Press/Springer published a new book, Principles of Anticancer Drug Development.  Neil Clendeninn M.D., Ph.D., a Senior Clinical Research Physician for Cato Research, served as an editor for the book, which has been described as a practical guide to the design, conduction, analysis and reporting of clinical trials with anticancer drugs.  According to Neil:

“It was developed as a ‘night table manual and guide’ for all those interested in the complex but rewarding field of anticancer drug development. Each chapter is authored by individuals with unique expertise in the fields of toxicology, pharmacology, pathology, statistical, clinical, ethical and regulatory. The book was envisioned by the editors to be a complete source of the basis and principles of anticancer drug development in a  concisely summarized volume.”

The book is full of easy-to-read summaries of the drug development process.

  • Part I covers the statistical, pharmacological and bioanalytical aspects of development.
  • Part II is the preclinical models used in anticancer development.
  • Part III develops all aspects of clinical trials, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamic, predictions of response and imaging studies in clinical trials.
  • Part IV was contributed by scientists at the FDA and discusses the FDA role in the process.
  • Part V considers special topics in anticancer drug development such as anti-angiogenic agents, targeted therapeutics, chemoprevention, combined modality therapies, vaccines, antibodies, oligonucleotides, pediatric development and trials in special populations.
  • Part VI was contributed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and discusses NCI-sponsored trials.

This book will serve as a useful volume for your reference library. It is current and timely and should appeal to those interested in developing anticancer agents.