Nov 05 2010

Data Quality and Integrity: From Clinical Monitoring to Marketing Approval

At 2:00 PM ET on Thursday 18 November 2010, Cato Research will host a webinar titled, “Data Quality and Integrity: From Clinical Monitoring to Marketing Approval.”  The webinar will be presented by Nancy Detich, Ph.D., a Senior Clinical Strategy Scientist from our office in Montreal, Canada.

Here’s the abstract for Nancy’s presentation:

The primary goal in product development is to bring new compounds to market that can either treat previously untreatable diseases or offer improved benefits to patients when compared to existing drugs. In order to obtain a marketing approval, the efficacy and acceptable safety of a product must be demonstrated to the regulatory authorities. The quality and integrity of the data presented to the regulatory authorities is of utmost importance in determining whether marketing approval will be granted. This presentation provides an overview of how data quality and integrity can be ensured at various stages of the development process, in order to generate a successful marketing application. Various areas that will be discussed include study design and preparation, datacollection and clinical monitoring, and the clinical study report.

There is no charge to attend the webinar and you may now register here.  We look forward to having you join us for the webinar!