Jun 29 2015

Credentialing Developments at Cato Research

In 2014, approximately 20-25 members of the global CATO staff participated in extensive training sessions devoted to Canadian Regulatory Affairs. This effort was led by Amelie Rodrigue-Way, PhD from the Montreal office of CATO Research Ltd.

During the last 8 months, one of the tangible and visible results of this training has been the successful completion of the Canadian Regulatory Affairs Certification Examination by two members of the global Cato Research staff:  Dr. Amelie Rodrigue-Way (of CATO’s Montreal office) and Dr. Jack Snyder (of CATO’s Washington office).

Fewer than 500 individuals worldwide have achieved the designation of Certified in Canadian Regulatory Affairs, a credential sponsored by the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (Rockville, MD).

This achievement speaks to the continuing effort at CATO to acquire and maintain up-to-date regulatory knowledge, experience, and credentials relevant to global biomedical product developmental activities.